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Music for film and tv series

A selection of film and tv series works. To discover unlicensed songs for film, television and other moving media make sure to visit my .dream format playlist.

I shut my eyes in order to see
Experimental film by Martí Arbaizar

Music composer, music producer and sound design

Sax by Pablo García

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Loco por ella (Crazy about her)
Netflix film by Dani de la Orden

Music producer and arranger, recording engineer, mixing engineer of To Lie Alone by MAVICA

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Netflix - Loco por ella (poster)
Maricón Perdido

Maricón Perdido
TV series by Bop Pop
Premio Ondas 2021 – best comedy tv series

Music producer and recording musician (guitars / bass)

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Rafa Pavón - Ray

Virtual Reality short-film by Rafa Pavón
Premiered at Raindance Film Festival 2017, Sitges 2017, Cleveland International Film Festival 2017

Soundtrack assistant

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Alfonso Riera - Campesino sin tierra (poster).jpeg

Campesino sin tierra
An experimental film in 16mm by Alfonso Riera
Premiered at IBAFF 2021, Márgenes 2022

Music composer, music producer and sound design

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Alfonso Riera - Naufragio 1895

Naufragio 1895
An experimental film in 4 chapters by Alfonso Riera

Original music composition

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Juan Albarracín - Volver al Sur

Volver al Sur
A short-film by Juan Albarracín
Premiered at Festival Internacional de Cine de Valencia - Cinemajove 2020

Additional music composition, music production, mix, mastering

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