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art installations

Ragnar Kjartansson "Take me here by the dishwasher"
Barbican Centre, London, UK
8h performance installation (durational performance)

Ragnar Kjartansson at Barbican Centre

I took part as a performer of Ragnar Kjartansson's first solo exhibition at the Barbican Centre in London.

For up to 8 hours a day we performed as troubadours – playing the guitar and singing – songs written alongside fellow collaborator and ex-Sigur Rós band member Kjartan Sveinsson, dressed up in pijamas while drinking beer.

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Dilston Grove Gallery, London, UK
8' multi-channel surround audio installation

Final project for my MA Sound Arts at Univeristy of the Arts London.

This piece was conceived to reflect on distance and waiting in an ever connected world. A phone waiting tone was digitally stretched from 1 second to 8 minutes and altered in tone, space and time, creating a new territory where there is room for healing, along with excerpts from secret conversations I had with family and friends spanning 6+ months while living in London. 

Binaural 8' piece available to listen at

Obras para pensar en el presente

Centro Puertas de Castilla, Murcia, Spain

Audiovisual installation, infinite generative music

Obras para pensar en el presente (works to think about the present) is a three part audiovisual installation which aims to speak about the fragility of space and time and our perception of a reality that is everytime harder to appreciate: here and now. In the artwork, past and future interleave creating a new reality which confers a blinding brightness to the present, offering resistance to the limits of one's own existence.

Part I. Memory and future
40 hertz of light and sound, resonating as used by a team or researchers of the MIT on early Alzheimer patients juxtaposed with the Spanish meaning for the word future.

Part II. Shadows
Never-ending oscillation of a pendulum. 

Part III. Contemplation
Generative piece of – virtually infinite – music (5 minute excerpt). 

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Rūta Paskeviciute "Asleep Awake"
D&AD New Blood
Graphic design book and installation


Visual artist and graphic designer Rūta Paskeviciute created this book for D&AD New Blood, consisting on visual interpretations of 8 dreams, and I created a soundtrack for it.

PBSR - Asleep Awake
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Experiments and whatnot

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